Milky Mile

by From a Fountain

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(free) 05:26


a collection of joy-songs, come from the middle mid-west!


recorded Sioux Falls, SD 2007-8
Joshua Tree 2009
Bolinas 2010

mixed Hockessin, DE 2011 Nick Krill
mastered Ventura, CA 2012 JJ Golden


released August 19, 2013

mixing: Nick Krill
mastering: JJ Golden

drums: Matt McFarland (1, 2, 5, 7, 8)
Jonas Oesterle (3, 6, 9)

cover art by Anai Greog :


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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Track Name: Black Device
eight years later, i’m in the Boston police department bathroom
i’ve been arrested for sweating my old girlfriend at her place of residence
she’s married now - he doesn’t like it when i crash into their cat carrier
i’ve got two cats, myself: one original, the other new from when i was single

the rebel road looks familiar, from all the time i spent on it fighting

the milk from the east curdles past on its way to Virginians in the mountains by Jeff
i strap up a piece to my hips where it rests, economical and whole
Saturn does elliptical over firebird - lit, diving to the floats in the harbor
one sad volunteer swivels up to a monitor, scanning documents

i looked for you in paradise: there’s no one there, but the snakes let me in.
streety, i: legitimate; cursing; ribald; shoveling gamely, like a yearling
my listing - you see eventually - comes to flatter me, makes me lovely
a blueblood wrapped in finery holds no lasting sway over me

a little lost stray old dog finds his way to master’s feet
he yelps for food at the table and finds some original scrap to eat
my son’s on the board at factory; he tries to make a policy meet
all the needs of his workers, but he gets ‘em mad and he take the heat

with black device in hand, i whisper to fatal associate
we accomplice in Verizon scam, looking for fast cash with low risk
son of a butler, he work in the medical field
on airplane over Calgary, he lets me in on a little secret:

“all of the seeds that, planted, strain and sputter un-growed
were dealt at the saddled table in centuries of stardust.
crowed about from craggy looks, valleyed vales, sibilant peaks and crowned roads -
seams already sewed, balance fairly owed!”

back of some bitch from the foundry, it split exponentially
young black device taking memory from dear Virginia
she get all flustered and divebomb in middle of network
listen! it go down with a violence that die with a crackling
Track Name: Classmate
i look at classmate - she smiles, and pull out a knife
she ticker-bomb in recess-field
we corner kiss, our lips in the light
she cartwheel and dandelion
i blow air guitar, pepped up for a fight
she tongue-twist down open throat
we get shock from carpet, our bellies stone-white
pressed against each other, solid
and each minute you look into my eyes and eat my fluids, we become hallowed
my baby, my baby, my baby lie back - she gets satisfied

my baby’s so bad -
she say she go to college
in a little while you see me, and in a little while, you don’t
shirt on my floor: my favorite shirt is callin’
i’m gonna wear it out in the open
on my ankles, on my knees; on my hips, and in my home -
on the balls of my feet
i get weighty, full of grief - you know exactly what i need,
and you give it to me, free
i get hunted, my step is fleet
i evade pursuers who’re trailin’ me
i go deep and sub-marine
in a trench, and in some steam - lithe and actual, lean and mean,
young-abominable, abyssine
and each minute you look into my eyes and eat my fluids, we become mellow
my baby, my baby, my baby lie back - she get satisfied
i step right up to wishing well, where my wish it goes to bottom
and if it floats, it’s bound to seem like somebody else’s vision

this cigarette’s plastic - it burn, and drip with a fright
it hit hot skin with beads of knowledge
my baby, my baby might
she might look just a bit unpolished
we blow air guitar in peloton blight
suffering from wind exposure
young and muscled, we, blown by the mood that we strike
we get idle looks from rolling shoulders
and each minute you look into my eyes and eat my fluids, we become special
my baby, my baby, my baby lie back - she get satisfied
i step right up to wishing well, where my wish it goes to bottom
and if it floats, it’s bound to seem like somebody else’s vision
Track Name: Full of Fuel
i’m full of fuel - full of apricot fuel
i fly to the Appalachian rim
on Cleveland-town i genuine down
to get for me air-dust plane
you support me, you anchor me - now, won’t you protect me?
both-arm me, Andalusia me
gentle me, no-name me
bursting up, honey-cut, sweet on a telephone wire
i transmit a State writ to all our supporters
i’m full of fuel, full of felony fuel -
now i’m unholy
full of chalk, full of chalkdust fuel
i burn out across night sky
whittled now, i beat skyward,
wings on an envelope
my sheets are scat, from scatter-bat -
he get out of window unharmed
i’m full of fuel - full of hollyhock fuel
that give me great sense of survival
often made with powder-house blade
to cut into time of arrival

and then the train comes,
full of coal and passengers with love on their minds
let’s get some solid drums - let’s play ‘em hard until the gold runs, astonished and dry

we find fuel - alarming and contingent,
this best-selling fuel
we buy fuel - for our families to winter in our warm-blooded homes
a breach, a cold-filtered breach in an important line
dispels heat, a nuclear heat that goes consecutive nines
we swim long, out a hot-burnin’ channel full of flammable fuel
and it ignites - and we go under the ice to find sea-lovin’ den
we dove harder, and made it this far - we know how many more
until light, olefactory light, it lift its garter

i’m full of fuel, full of full-blooded fuel to keep my family at bay
we buy stock, good bread-winning stock at live market
from Hollywood north to Fresno - getting out of L.A.
on 50, through Nevada en route to grainy Loveland and home
Track Name: I Get Up On Water
i wash myself in a cool lake
it’s Easter, and i pretend to be baptized
John is sprinkling water o’er me -
or else dunking me under

there prowl police on shore,
waiting for me to step out
i do the natural thing
and get up on water

someone shouts, “you there!”
i skate around just to show him
a plane flies low overhead,
startling us all

they try bullhorns to get their voices up
pretty soon a police boat, on trailer, backs into the water
lights up, they skim towards me
still a ways off, i drop into water

i hold my breath -
i’ve been trainin’ since i was a kid
i swim steadily,
waiting for the right moment

as boat passes o’er me, i push up, and capsize it
i launch into the air, dripping water
i buzz the onlookers, and then, head to pine hills
where, among the needles, i drip-dry

automatic this feeling: love for my fellow man
he finds me in repose, reflecting on his teachings
Track Name: After Hours
after hours, we crumple up into small bills
dirty, mistreated and forgotten
the fleas suck and the leeches swell -
we split up into atoms
a natal group comes as babies
dressed up to disguise their infant features to be more like larvae

grass-roots, we gather in tubes
get up in lab racks to prove somethin’
see, my reagent is huge:
it oxidizes, spewing fumes down to Vermillion
i spilled a lake into basin -
it pour into a gentle rain that ices when the wind starts freezing over

shout for me now, all you gills!
go open-buttered through the ickiest water!
suckle your breath when it comes -
don’t get sad when it wash out your lungs!
you get sealed for to multiply -
go and make babies, you have not your soul in a cloister!

next up is mob who gets slayed:
puddle jumpers, they crash into island
from a book, they find they cook
and, culinary, go gnashing into slumber
yeah far away, on safety’s shore
the kennel door is open - it figures that the barnyard’s full of wonder

crazy, the city cops
go gunning round and round the city oval
no lights, no sirens: that’s twice
they victimizing people, running covert
they sneak around in a body bag
poised just for to pop out, dripping ice and solvent all over the pavement
i bleach the strangest white
i need the sun now more than ever - it do number on my skin and make it warmer
Track Name: Halo
out in the empty streets where the men go
on the cryin’ cusp of a halo
the name of your father counts as what we know
the children all make up their face at the whale-o
it’s a distant place, in the hands of a hero
blessed by a man who casinos

the women all take up a ride to the doe-show
once every night they dream they’re in Reno
across the ocean flares signal: re-bow
metal and man combine in a hollow
in the sun my body is flying like Ono
like the souls of the dying in Cairo

the women come to a sandy beach and a willow
the street corners are quiet but for the fellow -
the man who makes the world escape through a window
it’s old knee-deep in a pile of men like a Jello
please now come to the edge of the ‘maginate wind-o
you’ll dream that you’ll feel it when it blows

over time we’ll take up a lot at the gallow
sweet-talkin’ maids and men who gojo
the traitors all file through and die slow
you see them writhe like fire in slo-mo
a trickle of blood to the heart of what’s good in the world-o
to the heart of what’s good in a homo
Track Name: Ice Water
i have to-do with Mary
i open my eyes to freeze-jest
this girl takes me for all my money -
i hide out in the Pyrenees

don’t arrest me: i’m brutal
nobody loves me anyway
i’m carried out on an ice chest
cold-frozen on a cinder block
on a cinder block

i’m in a mens game on Friday
we’re going to do a deal then
i bought a stock to fit in
in a burial to keep my face warm
to keep my face warm

i’m just lost, don’t spit at me
you’ve got a skinflake on your snake-neck
i get a lizard attitude
whenever i go cold-blooded

my ice-saber is filled with thorns and nails to do extra damage
i deliver up good people to be slaughtered
i rise up and assassinate

i life-blood in warm weather
we go south were sun goes
in winter months, we summer there
away from glacier attitude
away from glacier attitude

look at my ski slope: it’s got good coverage
no man stands on slick shelf
the water’s been pooling there, and it’s been blasted by wind-chill
by wind-chill

my leaf grows in crystal way in solution,
branched out to fight
i take over new colonies near snowridge
i will wish and wait away
the long, lonely nuclear hours
i pore over fateful plans to detonate space blizzard

my feet are righteous and raw
they makeshift and parasail
i’ll pony up - i’ll make a muscle
i’ll flex my new snowblower

a gorilla mist sits silly on silt
sinking genuine into drift-wall
my tunnel only fits six, you’ll have to pick from amongst yourselves

a fatal solvent hits fresh water
desalination plant’s done in
line up to fill your bottle -
there’s still some free ice water
Track Name: Milky Mile
i look into another house -
the static increases in the picture.
i dream away mattresses and pink slips
i write with the fury of horses -
maybe mules - clasping at the leather
i champ and snort, defenseless.

the wheel turns in the diagram -
one of the fiery wheels from our chariot
lighten the load, so i can battle you!
from my vantage point, everything is celestial
i want to tune into a distant signal and see what they’re talkin’ about.

i raise up fiery sword -
you told me not to walk here; i trampled it
my fair young nation grows leaden, lurching seaward
i get on a light spindleboat -
we cast and rock on salt sea
the stars keel over and go under us,
we topple through the sky.

and if you see my brother,
won’t you carry him?

take him to the mouth of the babe that cries

take him to the banks of the sixty-sized.

take him, imperiled, but cradled, to the milky mile!

take him, embroidered, to stitch up his last gold braid

take him exhausted and spent, his ashes stomped out on the trail

he’d left part of himself back there; he’s finished, why don’t you just let him come on home?

spend his money and do an Iscariot to your bosom

take him - and wipe his character clean in our eyes!
Track Name: My Molly
if i go to pool where my Molly schools
i get stormed and banged into waiting boat
yes, on board this skiff i find some twenty orange kids with radios
yes my story goes my baby knows my Molly needs her radios!

“where falls the blame?” asks my streety gang
they fifty-fang up my Molly-bear
then she left the ship - she made it partly to the sea, and then we kissed
“catch me when i come - i make you deal to shake the red right off your lips!”

we sit on road by KELO tower
she says, “would you play that story-tune?”
i played it like a drone, all sentimental and exposed for her to see
she get naked too, and comet wing her to the moon and back to me!