Milky Mile Two

by From a Fountain

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the second half of a collection of ribald South Dakota songs!

read the story here:

recorded Sioux Falls, SD 2007-8
Joshua Tree, CA 2009
Bolinas, CA 2010

mixed Hockessin, DE 2011Nick Krill
mastered Ventura, CA 2012 JJ Golden


released October 22, 2013

Grape Juice: written by John Goraj

mixing: Nick Krill
mastering: JJ Golden

drums: Jonas Oesterle (1, 6, 7)
Matt McFarland (5)

guitar: John Goraj (3)

cover art by Anai Greog :


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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Track Name: I'm Pooped
i page my sister, and then she gets here and looks real funny
i've got a life, you know - let’s think about that for a minute
put a bottle rocket into that house, we'll watch tv awhile
let's just sit here in this sound field - you worked hard to prep it all up

i teeter on precipice - you brought me here, you tell me how to get down!
a rock tumbles over - a small rock that I kicked accidentally
a policeman swings around, it looks like he's gunnin’ for you
better hide that weed - why don't you just throw it in the water?
throw it in the water

there's a group hovering, they're waiting for something to happen
maybe she'll take her shirt off! - i don't want to see her in public anyway
how could i get her alone? - even then, it takes awhile for the magic to happen
it's so much work, just waiting for the right moment
for the mangelin moment

black eye, black eye: i've been punched and I didn't know it
was that the world swinging around? - you got me, made me fall back
nothin a little gin can't fix, pick me right up
i'm pooped! - better haul me home

my last life was a doozy, i might have operated a machine
i built a reservoir - it contained all the water for a city
an underground system contained it - her legs were spread around me
i life-opened to butterfly - no small feat, you can imagine
you can imagine it

i kissed her with vinegar and hyssop, and then i rolled away to meet my man
we talked awhile, and then i left him, vacant
far away on Miami Beach, mom holds a cold compress to her head
i told her to eat ice cream - she said, "the sun's in me,
"the red-blooded sun's in me!"

i eat materiel, then i go to the bottom of the ocean
to suffer there and live on substrate
i'm old and ethereal, i create my own light
i lumber by in the noontime day-black
i expose myself, but no one sees me - i'm left alone
who brought that boy? - let his life surround me
i borrow time, time you've given me for to say something
give it back! - don't take it away, it's part of me
it's fucking part of me!

look, i'm ordering a beer - i think it'll go good with lunch
i've decided to eat large, and i do so
sleep comes wandering by - i tap it on shoulder, it curses
you think you know me, but you don't: i'm astral
i'm full-blooded astral

this shade i've befriended looks for you in leather room
now he's found you: you cower there
your agent called - they've got a big picture for you to shoot
it's a space comedy that takes place far from here

a road bike goes pedaled by, then a tanker, a bug, and a poacher
he shoots at the windmills, and mutters about lost vocations
the priestly class, it rises up - takes to the streets in rough twos and threes and threes and
they nudge at the narrow gate - they play hard with sunlight
they play hard with sunlight

a failing engine knocks twice: you open door,
look outside, and tip over, body uncovered
they verily find you, a match from your magazine
they take you and place you in cup, and they raise you
they expertly raise you
Track Name: Oars Aside
the way she stands: stomach out, arms folded to hide her breasts

her belt broke - snapped and split - she pulled it off to look at it

on a rock broke the shreds of it, the leather furring and flapping there

dance away your blotted years - what led you to say those things?

fishers of men lay oars aside to talk about fishing on the shore.

a beautiful duck, ready to drop, holed up among the bushes

hidden here, in my hand, are beads - Assyrian beads.

she’s got hips - she’s got ‘em out - she’s showin’ us all what she can do

she’s tuned in to our greatest hits - speedplay’s on her small machine

metal on metal, passing a force that’s been generated some time ago

and stored for later use - the lyrical approach to lovemaking

what gets passed, hand-to-hand, but that same technological fluid?

the first movement was out and out - wetlands get watered down

no smile, no look, for the man who made all this

a drowned sun, dipped in lava, for to fuel another race

a blast material, poised and strong, holding great latent potential

redundancies worked out so they overlap beautifully
Track Name: Hold On To Him
hold on to him
while it’s still early enough to breathe
still early enough to see

if your work is hard,
bear down all the more
don’t linger long at the door

the days are short
and the nights pass by like powers
with quiet and trembling hours

the temple’s dim
lampblack covers the curtains
can you make out the inscriptions?

hold on to him
in this gory and dreadful light
in this bashful night

anytime you want,
close your eyes and settle in
when the ceiling’s about to cave
or when the shadow’s over your grave
when the stars are rushing down
when the milk might be turned
or when the nave’s begun to burn
when a cello starts to play
outside the walls of the town

search and look
where holy grief will lead you
there will be no hand to feed you

hold on to him
hold on to him
hold on to him
Track Name: Virgin Birth
the moonlight pales the earth
the doctor’s cradle yawns
with stillborn virgin birth

the drunkard’s cowboy-worth
he savage gentle fauns
the moonlight pales the earth

a blister, pagan dearth -
the magic leaves the lawns
with still-born virgin birth

we gather, strength in mirth
we hearty; Asia dawns
still moonlight pales the earth

if science, lumb’ring girth
should stumble, spilling pawns
we still’ve borne virgin birth

seagum, raisin, fennel, firth
a league, bi-polar, spawns
the moonlight pales the earth
with stillborn virgin birth
Track Name: Bottom Fruit
i brought my whole body to the table to be refinished and reformed
i thought for awhile and said it: “you look to young to be born!”
who knows how little clothes you have underneath that birthday suit?
i’ve got half a mind to make you beg to bear your bottom fruit

alone we whispered, in nursery hours, composing victory song
we hammered out the notes - and then hit the winds wrong!
my clarinet is up too high - you’ve got your oboe blue
this bassoon’s layin’ down on its side
listen, let’s get this act straight: i’m the pro, and you’re new
get into it with me girl, you might learn something

i pluck at husky Davy, and she get whisked to Jovian moon
i want no penalty for loving her too heavy and too soon!
why don’t you take that color off your cheek and blush - code red!
i need to make you see what really matters
if you could just see where i’ve been some years ago
you’d be astonished just to meet me and find out some of the things i’m doin’ now

we walk along a water feature, full of rocks and old tree logs
how did we get here? - by firefly! didn’t you see the light?
i make a fresh pass at kissing her, she makes a move for the beach
we lie there, imposters, each exposing each
in the air there’s the smell of macaroons, old chairs, and cropdusters
fertilizer and honeyfields, fairybelts and nose-busters!
Track Name: Spit, Sprinkle, Spray
spit, sprinkle, spray
dipped forward in flight
a passionate spectralist going out Newberry way
green, orange, gray
on a glycerine night
caught up in the thunder and the light

in a lawn with dewdrop
is American seed
planted by the Mexican masters of the dastardly deed
hard sailor gasps at sanguinin’ sight:
Bar floated past, my lily-white!

Bar floated past,
her dressed up in weeds
she raptured, being stranded by wizard- and witch-ery

and when i slow-splashed in algae lake
it brought up gas
which turned to glue
i don’t have my strength or my steely ways - just my black body!

in a saline milk
in a nutrient sea
you’ll find me absorbent and making love generously
Latverian silks
from Ellerby’s

we swim, intransigent
we creep, contagious
we, swift and radiant
we, soft and salient
Track Name: A Dusty Mattress
a dusty mattress on the floor here
away from Garretson wind-shear
folded up and getting splinters,
my whole body’s reagent

a black pixie, little does she know
she flies all of us real low
shoulder fixtures on her arms
that spout flirting pheremones

she is fey, awake, and coyly charming
one proud band is disarming
they recast military love
into ways the maudlin feel

you wring your clothes and clasp your arms
i loop low teeth charms
purple bodies go black and blue - a people’s prayer goes up in chains

a tacky resin’s formed stateside
four dudes do fast railslide
they’re acrobatic, in check
their whole face is wet

my wicked backkick’s hittin’ the charts -
i developed it with black arts
i studied under rogues
to learn second-nature moves

blue figures elementary form
a spider-man, mistaken too, his webby hands are on your face
strapped on to your spider-head

a cat prowls the local zoo
looking out for fatal noise
hold up your feet
bike to Ocean Avenue

a whole galaxy’s ‘bout to strike -
bring stars in millions on your head
the great surrounding cast of men has cracked into a science mold
Track Name: The Nature System
the moon and silver clouds
are leaning down to taste us
lickin’ your lips at night
under the light of a yellow moon
Steve was walking around
maddened by the birdcalls
over and over, like a dialtone
dead air into the nightland
under great duress from the headlights
coffee stains there
Diana was bending down
like being crushed from above
she’d left lipstick on her straw
back at the diner
and traveled back in time
earlier that day
we forgive her her acne
cuz shes on medication
and she covers it up with her darkening hair
and shadows grow thicker
and hair crawls all over
and light on the window just
crackles and slows
no place is good enough for us
we’ve been asked to leave Texas
we don’t go around women now
just men and small children

we’re facing up to our defects
it didn’t kill to take inventory
yeah, look out in my book
it’ll take ya down easy
relaxing by the pool
with girls in bikinis
drinkin’ water to stay
alert and real vital
yeah i think i’m ready
i’ve had some good training
behind me lays staggered
a good many accomplishments
i think i’m really ready
to make extra time now
to be real useful
and be depended upon
i can even stand up
and shaking my finger,
looking right at you,
say my good peace
all my friends and relations
of my distinct family
have talked to me personally
and told me as much
now all that remains
is my true love to find me
waiting away for the good years to come
Track Name: Grape Juice
here’s some grape juice - i will carry you back to your shoes
just so you’ll know i got nothin’ to do
but to shower you with songs that could split you in two

here’s my boots, they will also carry you
back to the place where we sang

you know i adore you the more
but how could you love me, the boy in poverty?
more than you bargained for
and love is a beautiful war
gonna fight it more than i ever did before

here’s an Arnie - it should serve as a sweet pick-me-up
so’s we can talk late
and let our hearts speak the necessary complexities
just so you know
i got nothin’ to do
but to shower you with songs that could split you in two

just so you know, i got nowhere to go
but the home i built inside your heart

you know i adore you the more
but how could you love me, the boy in poverty?
more than you bargained for
and love is a beautiful war
gonna fight it more than i ever did before