Black Device (i)

from by From a Fountain



Recorded Friday, October 19, 2007, Tea, SD.

Mixed and mastered Saturday, June 29, 2013, Marshall, CA.


eight swills later, i’m in the Boston police department bathroom
i’ve been arrested for sweating my old girlfriend at her place of residence
she’s married now - he doesn’t like it when i crash into their cat carrier
i’ve got two cats, myself: one original, the other new from when i was single

the rebel road looks familiar, from all the time i spent on it fighting

the milk from the east curdles past on its way to Virginians in the mountains by Jeff
i strap up a piece to my hips where it rests, economical and whole
Saturn does elliptical over firebird - lit, diving to the floats in the harbor
one sad volunteer swivels up to a monitor, scanning documents

i looked for you in paradise: there’s no one there, but the snakes let me in.
streety, i: legitimate; cursing; ribald; shoveling gamely, like a yearling
my listing - you see eventually - comes to flatter me, makes me lovely
a blueblood wrapped in finery holds no lasting sway over me

a little lost stray old dog finds his way to master’s feet
he yelps for food at the table and finds some original scrap to eat
my son’s on the board at factory; he tries to make a policy meet
all the needs of his workers, but he gets ‘em mad and he take the heat

with black device in hand, i whisper to fatal associate
we accomplice in Verizon scam, looking for fast cash with low risk
son of a butler, he work in the medical field
on airplane over Calgary, he lets me in on a little secret:

“all of the seeds that, planted, strain and sputter un-growed
were dealt at the saddled table in centuries of sawdust.
crowed about from craggy looks, valleyed vales, sibilant peaks and crowned roads -
seams already sewed, balance fairly owed!”

back of some bitch from the foundry, it split exponentially
young black device taking memory from dear Virginia
she get all flustered and divebomb in middle of network
listen! it go down with a violence that die with a crackling


from Milky Outtakes, track released October 25, 2013


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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