Ice Water

from by From a Fountain



i have to-do with Mary
i open my eyes to freeze-jest
this girl takes me for all my money -
i hide out in the Pyrenees

don’t arrest me: i’m brutal
nobody loves me anyway
i’m carried out on an ice chest
cold-frozen on a cinder block
on a cinder block

i’m in a mens game on Friday
we’re going to do a deal then
i bought a stock to fit in
in a burial to keep my face warm
to keep my face warm

i’m just lost, don’t spit at me
you’ve got a skinflake on your snake-neck
i get a lizard attitude
whenever i go cold-blooded

my ice-saber is filled with thorns and nails to do extra damage
i deliver up good people to be slaughtered
i rise up and assassinate

i life-blood in warm weather
we go south were sun goes
in winter months, we summer there
away from glacier attitude
away from glacier attitude

look at my ski slope: it’s got good coverage
no man stands on slick shelf
the water’s been pooling there, and it’s been blasted by wind-chill
by wind-chill

my leaf grows in crystal way in solution,
branched out to fight
i take over new colonies near snowridge
i will wish and wait away
the long, lonely nuclear hours
i pore over fateful plans to detonate space blizzard

my feet are righteous and raw
they makeshift and parasail
i’ll pony up - i’ll make a muscle
i’ll flex my new snowblower

a gorilla mist sits silly on silt
sinking genuine into drift-wall
my tunnel only fits six, you’ll have to pick from amongst yourselves

a fatal solvent hits fresh water
desalination plant’s done in
line up to fill your bottle -
there’s still some free ice water


from Milky Mile, released August 19, 2013
drum loop - Matt McFarland


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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