I'm Pooped

from by From a Fountain

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i page my sister, and then she gets here and looks real funny
i've got a life, you know - let’s think about that for a minute
put a bottle rocket into that house, we'll watch tv awhile
let's just sit here in this sound field - you worked hard to prep it all up

i teeter on precipice - you brought me here, you tell me how to get down!
a rock tumbles over - a small rock that I kicked accidentally
a policeman swings around, it looks like he's gunnin’ for you
better hide that weed - why don't you just throw it in the water?
throw it in the water

there's a group hovering, they're waiting for something to happen
maybe she'll take her shirt off! - i don't want to see her in public anyway
how could i get her alone? - even then, it takes awhile for the magic to happen
it's so much work, just waiting for the right moment
for the mangelin moment

black eye, black eye: i've been punched and I didn't know it
was that the world swinging around? - you got me, made me fall back
nothin a little gin can't fix, pick me right up
i'm pooped! - better haul me home

my last life was a doozy, i might have operated a machine
i built a reservoir - it contained all the water for a city
an underground system contained it - her legs were spread around me
i life-opened to butterfly - no small feat, you can imagine
you can imagine it

i kissed her with vinegar and hyssop, and then i rolled away to meet my man
we talked awhile, and then i left him, vacant
far away on Miami Beach, mom holds a cold compress to her head
i told her to eat ice cream - she said, "the sun's in me,
"the red-blooded sun's in me!"

i eat materiel, then i go to the bottom of the ocean
to suffer there and live on substrate
i'm old and ethereal, i create my own light
i lumber by in the noontime day-black
i expose myself, but no one sees me - i'm left alone
who brought that boy? - let his life surround me
i borrow time, time you've given me for to say something
give it back! - don't take it away, it's part of me
it's fucking part of me!

look, i'm ordering a beer - i think it'll go good with lunch
i've decided to eat large, and i do so
sleep comes wandering by - i tap it on shoulder, it curses
you think you know me, but you don't: i'm astral
i'm full-blooded astral

this shade i've befriended looks for you in leather room
now he's found you: you cower there
your agent called - they've got a big picture for you to shoot
it's a space comedy that takes place far from here

a road bike goes pedaled by, then a tanker, a bug, and a poacher
he shoots at the windmills, and mutters about lost vocations
the priestly class, it rises up - takes to the streets in rough twos and threes and threes and
they nudge at the narrow gate - they play hard with sunlight
they play hard with sunlight

a failing engine knocks twice: you open door,
look outside, and tip over, body uncovered
they verily find you, a match from your magazine
they take you and place you in cup, and they raise you
they expertly raise you


from Milky Mile Two, released October 22, 2013
Jonas Oesterle - drums


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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