rise on
rise on
rise on
rise on

up on this building
at Flintrock stables

sea snake
hand shake

the horses prattle
they snort and whinny

here's a group that lives in fair surroundings
flowering meadows
ponds and minnows
they go deep into the world's interior
down a tunnel
dim and shadowed

shale and sandstone
magma mountain
iron in rotation

who saw Jacob?
i saw Jacob!
who saw Jacob?
i saw Jacob!

on rock St. Helens
a blue volcano

it's shapin' up to be a cool evening
shapin' right up
yes, you know the air is faintly breathing
'bout to break up
wake up, wake up!

i saw my dear
i saw my dear
i saw my dear down

oooh she sang as she went 'round
our kitchen and our table
cleanin' dishes that she borrowed
i couldn't make her turn around

i flailed and i spun
and jumped about, yelling out
nothing could make her look

who saw Mary, blue and scary?
i saw Mary, blue and scary!


from Shale and Sandstone, released August 31, 2010
Katie Dill - vocals
Helena Espvall - cello
Eliza Hardy - vocals
Laura Holloway - vocals
John Pettit - trumpet


all rights reserved



From a Fountain Boulder, Colorado

From a Fountain is the name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby, from West Marin County, CA.

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